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Essential Oil Recipes: Acne

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Young or old... acne seems ever present. You don't have to let it ruin your day though... because there's an essential oil for that #taeoft! Use these recipes to stay ahead of outbreaks or quickly take care of those nasty blemishes that show up unannounced.

Essential Oil Recipes for Acne

There are a several recipes for acne prevention and treatment using essential oils. Choose a recipe based on the kind of blemishes you have and which combinations are most aromatically appealing you.

When creating any essential oil mix for acne, be sure to include a carrier oil. Essential oils should be diluted before being used on skin. You shouldn’t be concerned about the carrier oil further blocking the follicles. External oil doesn’t create pimples. Remember, acne develops when sebum gets trapped under the skin and bacteria starts to grow.

It's always recommended to dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil, such as jojoba. There are different recommended dilutions depending on your specific circumstances.

For use on children over 6 years old, pregnant women or the elderly, a 1% solution is recommended to begin with.


For adults using a 2% solution is safe, which is two (2) drops of essential oil per one (1) teaspoon of carrier oil.

IF YOU ARE UNCERTAIN, use the newly diluted solution and perform a patch test on a small area of skin first.

Then follow these four (4) steps

  • Place a band-aid over the treated section of skin

  • Wait a day to see if the area begins to itch or swell

  • If there are no issues, feel free to use that essential oil

  • For future concerns, repeat with any of the oils you're considering using

Basic Essential Oil Recipe for Acne

Use this to treat whiteheads, pustules, and papules.

For blackheads, combine equal parts tea tree, sandalwood and carrier oil. Apply to affected area every morning.

Oil Fighting Face Wash

To make an oil-fighting face wash, follow these simple steps:

  • Blend two (2) tablespoons of jojoba oil with five (5) to ten (10) drops of geranium essential oil then add five (5) to ten (10 ) drops of frankincense essential oil to one (1) tablespoon of rosehip oil

  • Pour and store in a dark glass bottle

  • Cleanse the skin with witch hazel and a cotton ball

  • Massage one teaspoon of this oil-fighting face wash into the skin

  • Rinse your face with warm water and gently pat dry with a clean towel

Acne Moisturizer

To make an acne moisturizer, follow these steps:

Blemish Stick

Make your own blemish stick!

Find an empty lip balm tube or small pot,

Take care of your skin naturally and it will take care of you for the rest of your life!

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