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Essential Oil Recipes: Skin Lightening Serum

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

Dark spots, freckles, dark patches... off with you! Lose the chemicals and create your own skin lightening remedy - naturally! There's an essential oil for that #taeoft, of course there is.

Essential Oil Recipes:  Skin Lightening Serum

It's exciting to know that you can defy age naturally.  And you can do it with essential oils!  So not only can you fight wrinkles, keep your skin soft and firm, but you can also lighten those dark spots from aging or scarring.   Those store-bought skin lightening products contain dangerous derivatives and toxic ingredients that are detrimental to our health.  

What good is fighting aging if we're just going to make ourselves sick in the process.

Did you know... dangerous ingredients like mercury and hydroquinine are often added to commercial skin lightening products.

Hydroquinine causes immediate damage to the skin and can lead to skin cancer. Mercury is a toxic element that compromises the immune system and is well known to cause brain damage.

Are you willing to experience irreversible damage to your health just to lighten some spots by a few shades? You'd be crazy if you said yes!

Good News  - let's do this naturally!

You can make your own skin lightening serum at home with, what else, essential oils. You simply need a few 100% natural and safe ingredients! DIY skin products are fun to make and share!

Here is a simple yet very effective skin lightening recipe with the extra benefits that essential oils offer the body:

DIY Recipe for Skin Lightening Serum

It just takes 3 ingredients!

Let’s check out how each of these ingredients work to bring together an incredibly effective treatment for your dark spots:

  • Argan oil: Argan oil is rare, it is only found in Morocco, and amazingly enough nowhere else in the world. It is extracted from the nuts that grow on the argan tree. This precious oil is the special ingredient of many high-end skin products that leave your skin incredibly smooth and bright. Argan oil actually supports skin lightening and prevents dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

  • Lemon essential oil: Lemon juice and the lemon rind have been well known for years as home remedies for skin lightening. However, lemon essential oil is 100x more potent and powerful.  It is one of the best oils for use in lightening the skin with zero harmful chemicals.

  • Sandalwood essential oil: For centuries sandalwood powder was made into a paste and applied to the skin to lighten the complexion.  Combined with lemon oil, sandalwood is one of the most powerful treatments for lightening and brightening the skin.

How much to use:


  1. In an amber glass dropper bottle, start by pouring in the argan oil (the little funnels in this kit are very useful in all of your DIY creations). Next, add in the essential oils.

  2. Replace the cap and gently shake to mix.

  3. Start by washing your face with a mild facial wash or cleanser (try this DIY essential oil facial cleanser). Then use a gentle exfoliating mixture (try this essential oil recipe for the perfect, natural exfoliator) to remove dirt and dead skin cells.

  4. Place about 5 drops of the serum into your palm and gently apply over your face and neck.

  5. The serum should only be applied at night, the lemon oil is photosensitive.

  6. Enjoy the benefits of beautiful, even skin tone!

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