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Essential Oils Recipes: Facial Cleansers

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Refreshingly clean... attack wrinkles, acne, uneven skin tone with these fabulous DIY recipes for daily facial cleansing. There's an essential oil for that #taeoft!

Essential Oil Recipes:  Facial Cleansers

Why pay for fancy, chemical laden facial cleansers when you can you can make your own – naturally!  Plus, using essential oils in a natural cleansing regimen you'll get better results and save your health from the dangerous additives in store bought skin care products. 

Homemade Face Wash Base

The best starting point for the base of any wash is with unscented, pure liquid castile soap.

Start with 8 ounces of soap in each recipe. To each 8 ounce bottle, add between 35-40 drops of essential oil. Since it's being applied directly to the face you'll want to maintain less than 1% dilution.

Some essential oils can cause the soap to appear a little cloudy, this is normal.

Essential Oil DIY Facial Cleanser Recipes

Lemon Lavender Cleanser

Lemon and lavender are a powerful combination.  Both oils are well known for their numerous benefits on skin conditions such as acne and wrinkles (yay!)

Orange Exfoliating Cleanser

This facial cleanser is effective in easing inflamed skin. Oranges are naturally high in antioxidants and Vitamin C which help reduce inflammation, adding the orange peel powder will gently exfoliate your skin, leaving it refreshed and glowing. 

(Avoid immediate exposure to the sun after using - orange oil can be photosensitive.) 

Tea Tree/Eucalyptus Cooling Cleanser

Tea Tree essential oil is fantastic for acne or blemish-prone skin. It cleanses the skin of bacteria and prevents further breakouts. Eucalyptus oil soothes and cools the skin, thus preventing irritation.

Citrus Cleanser

Citrus essential oils arouse your senses and are wonderful giving your metabolism a jump start.

Pepperminty Cleanser

Peppermint oil helps stimulate circulation, it’s also great to help tame oily skin.

(Peppermint essential oil is very POTENT! Use at a low dilution (25 drops or less) and avoid eyes!)

Herbal Cleanser

Basil essential oil enhances your energy levels. Rosemary helps even skin tone and is great at keeping skin blemish free. 

(do not use rosemary essential oil if pregnant or breastfeeding)

Floral Cleanser

Geranium essential oil stimulates cell growth and works well as an astringent. Geranium also combats acne and dermatitis. Lavender encourages skin cell growth, as well as cools and calms skin.

(do not use geranium essential oil if pregnant or breastfeeding)

Eucalyptus Minty Cleanser

Eucalyptus and spearmint both invigorate the skin and leave it feeling fresh. The combination is also a great mood booster, so inhale deeply!

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